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In 2009 Sam van Bochove and Kees Kanbier, started a video production company. It was a company like many others, until one day in 2013 a client asked:

"Can we do the filming ourselves and have you do the edit for us?

Kees called Sam from his car, Sam with a notepad ready. In that telephone conversation, the entire company Inhousefilming.com was written down on a single piece of paper. A gap in the market. From the yellow case and the masterclasses, to the editing and co-creation process with our easy as 1-2-3 platform.

From that moment on everyone was able to make a professional video. Inhousefilming.com is currently one of the largest film production companies in the Netherlands and our proposition is internationally unmatched. Our enthusiastic young creative people co-create in close contact with our customers to shape the communication of the future together. Inhousefilming.com has not remained just a company, it has become a movement of business professionals shooting their own footage, telling their own stories on every continent. The Inhousefilming.com movement is ambitious. We aim to make film in all time zones and in all languages. Together with our customers, the people at Inhousefilming.com set the alarm every day to realize this ambition.

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