Film for e-learnings

Working with e-learnings requires the creation of a lot of content. And that is precisely what we are good at here at Inhousefilming.com. We are happy to work with all the major e-learning software/platform providers.

3 types of e-learnings using video

We recognize just three types of e-learning. They are a basic framework that matches every educational need. Whether you want to teach your colleagues in the warehouse how to unpack a box or want to educate your employees on their role in fulfilling the company's social responsibilities. It will fit.

For each of the three types of e-learning we have identified the building blocks that are used to make that specific type of e-learning. This way we've made all e-learning videos modular. We script all e-learning videos in series, using this modular approach. That way a series is also uniform in format (look and feel) and can be efficiently filmed and edited, saving considerable costs.

The practical e-learning

The practical e-learning is a great way to teach simple, very practical subject matter. For example, how to follow security procedures when receiving a guest at your office, how to clean the printhead of your office printer or how to use a key tag to enter the office building. For these e-learnings, you can either use a voice-over or go for the simplest approach and use titles instead. In this example we made for our new colleagues we combine both.

Practical e-learning
Training e-learning

The training e-learning

A training e-learning focuses on teaching your viewer new job skills. For example, how-to install a new wind screen on a car for garage personnel, how to conduct maintenance on an industrial label printer for manufacturing personnel or, like our e-learning, learning how to film. This example video is part of our masterclass where we teach people all over the world how to become a professional filmmaker.

The mini-lecture e-learning

This type of e-learning is well-suited for delivering theoretical and abstract content. Think of subjects like teaching your colleagues about your company’s strategy or sharing in-depth knowledge on management techniques with your management team. In this example several experts give their views on how documentaries influence viewer's opinions.

Mini-lecture e-learning