How we work

you film, we edit, you steal the show

Video plan session

To create and use video communication professionally you need to have a content plan. We can help you make one in a day. An occasional video here and there doesn't cut it anymore. Instead, you can plan video series based on your organization's strategy and goals. Each series can have its own reusable script. The script is basically a checkable shot-list, so that your colleagues know exactly what to film to create an episode of a particular series.

Video should be made in series
Introduction to the new yellow case

Our yellow case

To make filming easy as 1-2-3 we provide monkey proof video toolkits in the form of our famous yellow film cases. There's the Yellow Case Basic for all starting inhouse filmers, and our Yellow Case Pro for the more experienced inhouse filmers in your organisation.

Our platform

On our platform you will have your own secure company account. It's where you can send us your raw footage, brief us and send us whatever other media you deem relevant with the click of a button. You will also conveniently find all of your finished videos here, ready for sharing.

Inhousefilming.com Branding Toolkit

Video branding

Your organization probably has a beautiful corporate identity and guide that dictates perfectly how to handle different media. But does it include a video branding toolkit? We can create a video branding toolkit to match your corporate identity and we can even make specific branding for your series!


Sometimes, an animation is simply the best way to explain complicated matters. Our animators can create and come up with whatever you need. Together we will make it as easy as 1-2-3!

Animation Showreel


E-learnings are very cost efficient and by using video content they become highly effective. Video is the most intuitive content you can use for your e-learnings. Many of our clients use inhousefilming.com to make their e-learnings. We can help you create yours!

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