Our mission

Everyone should be able to make a professional video

That is precisely what we facilitate. Affordable professional videos that are low threshold to make. DIY filmmaking in co-creation with Inhousefilming.com. You film, and we help you with everything you need: training, equipment, editing and strategic planning. Whatever you like you can do it ad hoc, spontaneously, on-the-fly, whenever you feel like it. We are ready for you.

Why DIY filming?

You know your business inside and out. You know the work, the clients, your colleagues, all the important nuances and even the locations. Heck, you're always on site! Precisely that makes you the perfect person to put your message into footage. We have found that combining that expertise with the ability to record high quality footage creates the most value for your organization. This way you don't waist many valuable hours on the very solitary task of editing your videos. This is the way to maximize your communication power. We will make sure you get better and better at filmmaking, so that you continuously improve the video skills within your organization.

Communicating 'structurally' in film

We typically do not make entertainment or TV commercials. We make 'structural business communications' to achieve results. It's fun, that's for sure, but here's what we mean with the term 'structural'.

With Inhousefilming.com you are facilitating one clear method to create video in your organization. Just one scalable method, instead of having many different suppliers or dabbling with iMovie, interns or vloggers. It creates unity in quality. Every video we make is branded the same way; the exact right way for your brand. No matter what department or colleague produces it.

A video series has a recognizable style and format so that the viewer can identify what it is about. This way you can retain your viewers. Especially when a viewer can subscribe to a video series like you can for example on youtube.

Have you ever caught yourself saying "Kids take off your shoes!" or "Clean up your room!" more than twice on the same day? Just like with children adults need repetition to make an idea stick. One video, one town hall meeting or one kick-off event doesn't do the trick. A series allows you to use the power of repetition without being boring or repetitive.

Imagine making episode 4 of a particular video series. We guarantee it will be easier and take less time to make than episode 1 did. Practice makes perfect of course. And as an added bonus the costs will be lower and the quality of the video will be higher.

How we work

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